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New product development, professional manufacturing, domestic trade and international trade in one.


We provide not only products, but also provide good services.

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 The company has a wealth of activities, so that people can work at the same time to work together to improve work efficiency.
  • Sep
    What Is The Construction Principle of Aluminum Formwork?

    Aluminum Formwork construction is popular, mainly because the technical indicators are more advanced, and are more able to meet the requirements of the state and and society for construction projects. The whole process of construction of Aluminum Alloy Formwork System is as follows: the design of ar

  • Sep
    Do You Know the Advantages of Aluminum Formwork?

    The components of Aluminum Alloy Template System need to be designed according to the floor characteristics, and the ability of the technical personnel is required to he higher. Follows are Aluminum Formwork advantages:1.Short construction period. Aluminum formwork system for quick release system, c

  • Sep
    Aluminum Formwork Development and Application

    Since Aluminum Formwork was born in America in 1962, it has been used for 55 years. In developed countries and emerging industrial countries in the building, aluminum formwork have been widely used.

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We provide not only products, but also provide good services.
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We are a large producing enterprise, which engaged in manufacturing, new product development, domestic and international trade as well. 
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Build a new generation of green construction technology "concept, pay attention to environmental protection, recycling energy conservation,
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And developers, construction enterprises to promote the aluminum alloy template in the construction of the promotion and popularization, and jointly create the best economic and environmental benefits

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