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Aluminum Alloy Template Department of Boyang Corporation assimilates the manufacturing technologies and processes of domestic and overseas aluminum alloy template enterprises for years, always adheres to “being market-oriented and targeting satisfaction of customer demands”, introduces and improves aluminum alloy template products at home and abroad. Boyang Corporation integrates international leading technology with independent innovation, insists in proactive technological reserve and occupies the dominant market position with advanced technology. By perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology with Made-in-China, Boyang Corporation specializes in development, design, processing, leasing and subcontracting of aluminum alloy template system products suitable for China’s national conditions. Boyang Corporation sticks to the philosophy of “creating a new generation of green construction technology”, attaches importance to environmental protection, utilizes energy in a circular and economical way, elaborates aluminum templates and boosts the promotion and popularization of aluminum alloy template in the field of architecture together with developers and construction enterprises, so as to create best economic and eco-friendly benefits jointly.

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