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With the acceleration of the process of industrialization and urbanization in China and the change of economic growth mode, research and application of green construction technology has become a consensus.

The construction template is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures, which directly affects the quality and efficiency of the project. For many years, the main form of wood formwork and steel formwork are in China. In 2009, the wood plywood template market is 300 million square meters, bamboo glue for 122 million square meters, the annual output of 31.4 million square meters, that is about 110 million square meters a year template needs wood and bamboo processing production, Tens of millions of trees felled, serious damage to the ecological environment.

The use of aluminum alloy template greatly alleviates the demand of the template market, reduces the social cost and protects the ecological environment. For the ball to contribute to a green.


As a new template system, aluminum quick-release template system has an application history of nearly 50 years ever since the birth in U.S. in 1962 and has been widely applied in construction in developed countries like U.S. and Canada and newly rising industrial countries like Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, ROK and India.

Boyang aluminum alloy construction template system is processed with integrated extruded aluminum profiles and stands as a new generation of green construction technology. The said system is mainly consisted of template system, support system, fastening system and accessory system and can be extensively applied in various fields of reinforced concrete construction structure. The entire system is of high standardization, lightweight, strong bearing capacity, high matching accuracy, disassembly convenience, large plate surface, less joints, good stability, long service life, more circulation times, recyclability, good economic benefits and high recovery value. With the said system, the construction site is safe and clean, mechanical equipment is unnecessary for coordination in the process of construction, the construction period is short, there is no construction waste or noise pollution generated and the surface is even and smooth after concrete pouring, in addition to conformity to national policies of low carbon and emission reduction.

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